Partnership opportunity is hereby extended to willing individuals and/or groups as well as the extant government in our strife towards curbing cultism, insurgency, banditry, kidnapping, raping, pornography, bullying and any other related tendencies among our children, teens and youths’ population through Bible-based Mental Engineering.

Identifying with us in this initiative means so much good for us as individuals as well as our society at large. God in “Psalm 107:20,33,34” has revealed that ‘He sent “His Word” for humanity’s deliverance and upkeep’ since without a dependence on Him through it will tend to turning things upside down to the detriment of those it was meant.

Fill and submit the Registration form above and be in touch with us for this laudable initiative towards our peaceful co-existence in the knowledge of the Son of God. God bless you enough.

Michael James Ekperikpe (MSN)