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Bible ContestHow We Separate Our Wards From Vices Via Bible-based Mental Engineering

How We Separate Our Wards From Vices Via Bible-based Mental Engineering

Dearly beloved fellow Christian(s),


We are a volunteer Christian Organisation domiciled in Port Harcourt with a job of striving to curb cultism, insurgency, banditry, kidnapping, raping, pornography, bullying, and any related tendencies among our children, teenagers, and youths through Bible-based mental engineering. With pleasure, I hereby officially introduce the organization to you.

Concluding our 3rd Quarter contest on Sat. 3rd September 2022 in Eket and prior to our planned last quarter, 2022 statewide READ AND REAP BIBLE CONTEST scheduled to take place on Sat. 26th Nov. still in Eket, Akwa Ibom State respectively, as a mark of honour, permit me to officially present the detailed aims and objectives of the volunteer Christian Enterprise and Bible Reading Culture Promoter Outfit above to you.

I am optimistic we can curb cultism, insurgency, and other related tendencies through Bible-based mental engineering in that:-

1. Our children, teens, and youth population studying God’s word for any reward cannot combine same with cultism, insurgency, and other related tendencies simultaneously.

2. Our children, teens, and youth population who have refused to join cultism, bullying, rapping, kidnapping, pornography, insurgency, and other related tendencies also deserve to be encouraged as their counterparts in amnesty/rehabilitation programmes.

3. It is the same God’s word our children, teens and youths are studying now to win any designated temporal prizes that God will still use to convert their souls later for eternal rewards.

4. If the round leather game managers, the entertainment industry – worldly comedies, The Illuminati which has been linked to the church of Satan, Big Brother Naija, MBGN, MR. Nigeria, Naija Bets, etc. can use the money to win the attention of our children, teens, and youths, the Christendom and the extant government can do better with money to win them back to God with results-yielding strategies and should/will NOT fold their arms and watch.

5. God’s word imbibed by our children, teens, and youth population will help them discover their self-esteem, have positive social interactions, adapt to necessary changes, have self-motivation, and even know how to manage their time. It will also help them appreciate individual differences and aim at “understanding” rather than just “memorizing” facts read in any discipline of study.

6. As some people are presently doing, God’s word should move beyond the cognitive (reasoning/knowledge) domain to the social (interactive) domain; affective (attitude) domain, and even the psychomotor (skills acquiring) domain of learning.

 How Can We Achieve The Above Objectives?


Achieving the above laudable objectives becomes possible through an effective plan (scope) of the learning contents. Learners of God’s word can acquire the richest knowledge possible from God if the learning exercise is lively and well-paced, engaging, active, varied, and developmental. By so doing, learners will not just acquire knowledge for acquiring sake. They will also be able to retain, understand, analyze, synthesize, establish habits, evaluate any skills presented to them and develop attitudes through the use of that knowledge gained from God’s Spirit read in His word.


As the name (READ & REAP) implies, we aim at convincing our children, teens, and youth population that reading and/or studying God’s word can also provide them good money besides the inherent intangible blessings much like Naija Bets and other Ponzi schemes. Though initially, they may not win such a quantity of money as we see in the various betting houses, we let them know, they will always be sure to get quality money from serving God sincerely. Against this backdrop, we ask for individuals and corporate entities’ financial support.


Our sole extant source of income for the sustenance of the laudable vision is freewill donations from individuals and groups. _Our God succinctly showed us how our children, teens, and youths population have relaxed their passion and love for God’s word in recent times – no longer searching and discussing it as in our time – as they do soccer (into Naija Bets and other bettings), worldly music/comedies and even cultism and other related tendencies.

 God never showed us money as a solution but led us into initiating this Volunteer Christian Enterprise and Bible Reading Culture Promoter Initiative which we registered in Nigeria as “READ AND REAP BIBLE ENTERPRISES” but started as “BIBLE SCHOLARS SUMMIT” for majorly organizing quarterly Bible contests tagged, “READ AND REAP BIBLE CONTEST”._

Our uphill task herein is how to scope the Bible for the various categories – children, teens, and youths – in such a manner that they might not read it like the Ethiopian eunuch of ‘Acts 8’ as well as how to write the questions, especially, for the youths, not to be just ‘Bible quiz’ but ‘Christian quiz’ – two different things altogether. Anyone can win a ‘Bible quiz’ which bothers on histories, figures, numbers, etc. but not ‘A Christian quiz’ that bothers on lifestyle and/or behavioural patterns.



A/C NAME: Read And Reap Bible Enterprises

 A/C NUMBER: 1022221136



A/C NAME: Read And Reap Bible Enterprises

A/C No. 3003790958


The present youths’ brochure on ” “worship ” first of all, as usual, was given to experienced Christians for vetting, observations, and recommendations before use to safeguard from error or harm the souls of our wards we together seek to mend because the subject matter ” _*worship”_ we presently study, as to what it is and what it is not practical, is very sensitive to God, lest, we seem to be worshipping God in our eyes while we are an abomination before Him.

Additionally, we also give opportunities to those who can send lessons they have taught to be included in the final work if such lessons are proven to have inherent professional, spiritual, and homiletical principles.


Anyone can be a part of this laudable initiative, especially, the Christian Church and Christian Schools – one way or the other – to the glory of our God and to the peaceful co-existence of all of us via the knowledge of the Word (Son) of God. (cf.2Pet.3:18)

Like Gov. Nehemiah in Bible prayed (Neh. 5:19), I pray that – may God Almighty minister His mercy to us and all voluntary partners for this willing service we’ve put in for the love of His name and His humanity in King Jesus’ name – 🙏

We are still praying for Christian Churches, schools, well-meaning individuals, and corporate entities for partnership, and, please, do join us pray.

 Michael James Ekperikpe (MSN)


P. O. Box 606, Eket, Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria

Email: readreapbscph@gmail.com.

Blog <www.readandreap.org>



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